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Software Developmeent

Software Development

The registered company Urban Net creates/develops a unique range of windows software/applications that can run on pcs/laptops of Windows XP/VISTA/7/8. This software can have an installer (you will have to click star>all programs for the visions before windows 8), or can be portable (the user has one file that can take on a flash drive/memory card, and does not require installation).

This type of software can have the following functions:

  • Audio
    • to play your music formats: mp3s, .wave , .ogg, among other formats that the fan/user may have in the computer
  • Video  
    • to play your videos
    • can online and offline
  • Social network
    • the user will be able to check your facebook/twiiter/chat/ without living your application.
  • Store (this is not a resell account, it is a store created from scratch) 
    • Any product you have can be inserted in the store
    • products are purchased online purchased with
      • credit card
      • debit card
      • pay pal/ or similar
    • Resell option
      • your clients can resell your products (they get a commission)
  • Enhanced CD
    • A CD that plays audio
    • and automatically runs your software
  • Pictures of your brand 
    • Photo galleries
    • Picture updates (requires Internet)
  • Updates and News 
    • Public Relations statements
    • competitions for clients
  • Advertising of your products associated with your name
  • Business opportunities for your clients
    • Clients resell your products and they earn commission (a percentage of the sales)
    • This is a good marketing technique
    • It allows you to have a sales team without having to pay monthly salary
  • E-learning
    • teaching users how to use other software (eg office)
    • video tutorials,
    • practical exercises,
    • multiple choice
    • videos of you can be incorporated in the software
    • This also can be an incorporated as function or a brand new software
    • You can see e-learning software created by Urban Net on the following link
      • This are limited versions of the full software and is just to have an idea
  • Demo function
    • limit version or a time trial based version
      • users can buy a the full version
  • E-mail functions like outlook
    • to read, send, forward email, etc
    • this can also be a stand along software (an e-mail client)

This software stands out from other software created by other companies because you can incorporate any images and shapes to the software. An example of this software is a multimedia software called Urban Player Famous. This type of software allows your clients to buy your products from your own store (this particular one is trough a resell store), check your music and much more. Below you can see 4 screen shots (pictures) of this type of software.




You can download some examples of the software created by Urban Net:


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