Lei Laboral Moçambicana

The name of the application is Lei Laboral Moçambicana witch means Mozambican Laboral Law in portuguese. Lei Laboral Moçambicana is an application design to help people interpret Mozambican Labor Law the current Labor Mozambican Law Lei n.º 23/2007. The application is design to help you to find the laws quickly. It has an index that shows the title of all the chapters and articles form the law from witch you can open the articles. You can also open each chapter from the top of the application. However the best part is the search feature, this feature allows you to use words to localize the laws you are interested in.


Urban Net Android App

This app was created by Urban Net to help the 2139 flowers on facebook use the facebook account and access the Urban Net page with just one click. You also will have access to projects created by Urban Net such as Student Life, Urban Desires, app created by Urban Net (Windows & Android), you will be able to watch Live TV, chat and shop on our online stores. It also has an inbuilt web browser that you can used to surf the net.


Excel 2010 Basic Tutorial

Excel 2010 Basic is a software that contains step by step video lessons of how to work with Microsoft Excel 2010. It also has practical lessons (interactive), a multiple choice quiz, and Internet capabilities like chat room and online games. Excel 2010 Basic is a software that contains 5 step by step video lessons of how to work with Microsoft Excel 2010. In each video lesson you watch a video that explains you step by step how to use Microsoft Excel 2010. The videos come with a navigation bar that allows you to go back and forward. At the end of each lesson you have practical exercises that allows you to complete an interactive simulation of Microsoft Excel 2010. In this lessons you will learn the following topics:

  • Basic Features
  • Selecting and manipulating data Formatting
  • Setup and printing issues
  • Security and customization

To test what you have learned on the lessons you have a multiple choice quiz. After completion of multiple choice quiz you can play online games, chat, surf the net, and check our services.

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