Urban Net Android App

This app was created by Urban Net to help the 2139 flowers on facebook use the facebook account and access the Urban Net page with just one click. You also will have access to projects created by Urban Net such as Student Life, Urban Desires, app created by Urban Net (Windows & Android), you will be able to watch Live TV, chat and shop on our online stores. It also has an inbuilt web browser that you can used to surf the net.



Pangaea is a windows application that was design to help people communicate and socialize. This a social network application allows the user to incorporates Facebook, twitter, Instragram, Meetup, Google plus, Linkedin, and Delicious.

The app was named after named Pangaea after the continent with the same name. This continent used to be the union of all the present day continents. Naming the app Pangaea was to represent unity among every person in the world. Urban Net, has a vision of uniting people trough social networks, and with this app does it by incorporating various social networks to help people communicate among each other.


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